French Courses 2015 featured

French Courses 2015

Design of a poster and program to promote the French Courses organized by the French Institute in Bratislava in 2015. The aim was to keep the french inspiration but avoiding the typical symbols used to represent France, as well as seize the attention of future students.

Propaganda During the WWI featured

Propaganda During the WWI

Design of a poster and invitation for a conference. I got inspired in the actual propaganda during this period, using a retro-style and original illustrations exhibited during the event.
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European Languages Day featured

European Languages Day 2014 – 2015

Design of a poster and a program for the European Languages Day. I used speech bubbles in different colors to represent different languages, integrating the logo of the event into the design naturally

Bratislava Language Exchange Meetings featured

3rd Anniversary BLEM

Poster and banner to announce the celebration of the 3rd Anniversary of BLEM (Bratislava Language Exchange Meetings) in Bratislava.

The style chosen for the poster was retro. To increase the “retro feeling”, I used some textures and primary colors that remind the advertisement from the 50s.

French Day featured image

French Day 2013 to 2016

My first work with the French Embassy in Bratislava was the design of a poster for the French Day celebration. I had also to adapt it to the different formats of advertisement, including billboards, citylightboards, magazines, banners… In short, there were eight different formats.

The design was very successful and was updated for 2014, 2015 and 2016 French days.

French Day Facebook event imageFrench Day Facebook Event Image

Guateque Sangriento featured foto

“Guateque Sangriento”, a post-apocalyptic musical

This post-appocalyptic musical “Guateque sangriento” (Bloody Party) was made in 2012, during the Seneca scholarship at the University of Santiago de Compostela.

Positions held: Graphic Designer, Production, Actress, Postproduction.

Synopsis: In a post-apocalyptic world, Jackie, Jeff, Leo, Donna and Freddo survive as well as they can. Suddenly, everything changes and appears the chance to save humanity.

Design: For this design I chose a powerful and visual appearance, taking advantage of the photos from the Making off. I decided to use the main character and action as the principal subject. The design included the packaging and the menus of the de DVD, most of all with transitions done with After Effects.

Guateque Sangriento Menus DVD
Guateque Sangriento Menus DVD