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M. Gayá

This project included the creation of the corporate identity for the fashion designer M. Gayá, that sew by hand her own designs.

I started with the logo, using a handwriting typography to express the product’s craftsmanship. The sans serif font and sophisticated colors evocate the exclusive character and personality of the clothes of the designer.

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“Sombras” Documentary

This documentary was made in 2012, during the Seneca scholarship at the University of Santiago de Compostela.

Positions held: Graphic Designer, Production, interviewer, postproduction and distribution.

Synopsis: They are the result of a society unable to adapt to the problems it generates, but we call them “misfits”. They are our leftovers, our “shadows”, an “inert?” part of ourselves able to shine until extinction just to be seen. In these times of crisis, we decided to look at our forgotten for solutions that, perhaps, only they remember.

Other: Winner of the Audience Award and Best Documentary in Olloboi 2012

Design: In the design of the cover I tried to emphasize the mystery behind the “shadows” that we were interviewing. I did it with dark colours and smoke. As it was a documentary film, I included screenshots from the interviews. The design included the packaging and the menus of the DVD, most of all with transitions done with After Effects.

Sombras menus DVD
Sombras Menus DVD