Interior design. Photo by

As any designer knows, the different fields of design influence each other easily. From fashion to editorial design, trends like Pantone’s Top Colors for each season are transversally applied in many elements.

But, when it comes to look for inspiration, I like to have a look at the latest trends in interior design.

The reason is simple: the versatility of interior design.

When a designer faces the design of an space, is not only about giving solutions to the evident problems (if we are talking about a kitchen, it has to be comfortable for cooking), but also about different surfaces, shapes, techniques and materials.


It is a space where you can use a wide range of components that give a lot of freedom: colors, textures, patterns, lighting, arrangement of elements… And a lot of times I find myself using some of these combinations in a design. Not only for the obvious things (for example, colors and patters are easily applied to Graphic or Web design), but also for layouts or white space.

Photo: Russel Smith

If I managed to arouse your curiosity, I recommend you some sites that I usually follow for inspiration:

And of course, some of the DIY that you can find on those websites are really useful!