A Beginners Guide to Interior and Product Photography Featured Image

As most of you already know, apart from a designer, I am also a photographer. Photography has a lot of categories and fields. Which means that even if you already know the basics of photography, you may get a bit lost when it comes to photographing a product or an interior.

Also, I think that being able to set up and take a nice photography, for example, to create a mock-up, is very interesting also for designers. And that is why I decided to share with you this quick and basic guide to interior and product photography by Brittany Goldwyn.

I discovered Brittany a while ago when looking for some DIY projects for my new apartment. Her photos, always bright and clean, got my attention from the very beginning, and I was very excited when she decided to create this basic tutorial.

The tutorial is divided into 8 parts, starting with the very basics of photography and finishing with a basic tutorial of photo editing with Lightroom.

Note: If you already know the basic concepts of photography, you can skip directly to the number 6 and 7 😉

  1. Exposure basics & aperture: Photography basics, including exposure and aperture.
  2. Shutter speed & ISO: Photography basics, including speed and ISO.
  3. Essential tools: Basic tools, like tripod and remote, that will improve your photography.
  4. Focus, composition & cropping: Basics on depth of field and composition.
  5. DSLR shooting modes: Very basic explanation on DSLR shooting modes.
  6. Tips for shooting interiors: In this one, Brittany shares her tricks for shooting interiors.
  7. Tips for products & flat lays: This one is very interesting, with some tips to photography products with no need of having to go to a studio.
  8. Editing & processing: Basic edition with Lightroom.

I hope you find this tutorial interesting, and maybe you discovered some good tricks. And if you have any other tip that you would like to share, feel free to do so in the comments!