A Beginners Guide to Interior and Product Photography Featured Image

Beginners Guide to Interior and Product Photography

As most of you already know, apart from a designer, I am also a photographer. Photography has a lot of categories and fields. Which means that even if you already know the basics of photography, you may get a bit lost when it comes to photographing a product or an interior.

Also, I think that being able to set up and take a nice photography, for example, to create a mock-up, is very interesting also for designers. And that is why I decided to share with you this quick and basic guide to interior and product photography by Brittany Goldwyn.


Why Bratislava?

Since I am living in Slovakia, this is probably the question that most people asked me:

– Why did you choose Bratislava / Slovakia?

Well. It was not a very meditated decision, but guess what: I discovered that Slovakia has a lot to offer when it comes to design.