If a picture is worth a thousand words
I will just let my work speak for me.

Courses 2015

Design of a poster in different formats and a flyer with the offer of French classes for the Institut Français


Photographies taken with a Praktica B200.

Cartooning for Human Rights

Design of a poster for an international workshop.

Sebastian Schumann

Corporate identity for a IT professional


Design of a poster and invitation for a conference. I got inspired in the actual propaganda during this period, using a retro-style and original illustrations exhibited during the event.

European Languages Day

Design of a poster and a program for the European Languages Day. I used speech bubbles in different colors to represent different languages, integrating the logo of the event into the design naturally.

M. Gayá

Creation of the corporate identity for the fashion designer M. Gayá, that sew by hand her own designs. I used a handwriting typography to express the product's craftsmanship, and also straight lines and colours are smart and sophisticated like the clothes of the designer.

Španielska kultúra

Logotype and cover image for a Facebook fan page to promote Spanish culture in Slovakia. Inspired by Miró and the colors of the Spanish flag.


Portraits done for personal and professional projects.

Conmemorative posters

Commemorative posters done for pleasure

Nonprofit Organizations

Posters designed as a volunteer for different Nonprofit Organizations

San Antolín

Design of a poster to participate in the design contest 'San Antolin' (Palencia, 2014)

Life & Cities

Photography exhibition at Gustos Market


Photography of the Flamenco concert 'Alma Flamenca'. Some of them included in the magazine Milliard Sun

3rd Anniversary BLEM

Poster and banner for the celebration of the 3rd Anniversary of BLEM (Bratislava Language Exchange Meetings).

Foods and Wines from Spain

Photography of the event 'Foods and Wines from Spain' organized by the Spanish Embassy in Bratislava


Web and mobile application for private academies to manage their administrative or commercial documentation and educational resources.

French Day

Design of a poster and different formats of advertising for the French Day celebration (2013 and 2014).


Graphic Design for a documentary film called "Sombras" (Shadows) during during the Seneca scholarship at the University of Santiago de Compostela. Positions held: Graphic Designer, Production, interviewer, postproduction and distribution.

Guateque sangriento

Graphic Design for a post-appocalyptic musical "Guateque sangriento" (Bloody Party), during the Seneca scholarship at the University of Santiago de Compostela. Positions held: Graphic Designer, Production, Actress, Postproduction.

Akadémia eñe

Design of posters, flyers, advertisement and visit cards for Akadémia eñe.

Gustos Market

Corporate photography for Gustos Market.

Prima Festa Italiana

Design of a poster and a program of activities for the Italian language and culture days organized by the Comenius University of Bratislava.


Banners design.

J'aime le français

Logotype design for T-Shirts.

Marca España

Poster for the Marca España exhibition (Berlin, june 2013). My work was selected from among more than 250 works. The project wanted to show the vision of the spanish artists about the "Spanish Brand". With a critical intention, I presented this work.

La pelu en casa

Design a poster to advertise a hairdresser at home.

Sounds of the cities

Design of a cover for a CD.

Blue Summer

Photography exhibition.

Poesía en el asfalto

Poster for a poetry reading 'Poetry on the asphalt'.


Design of a poster and a program of activities for the Francophone culture days organized by the Comenius University of Bratislava.

Love: In&Out

Photography exhibition.

Spanish Language Days

Design of a poster and a program of activities for the Spanish language and culture days organized by the Comenius University of Bratislava.

Street Art Festival

Photography of the events during the Street Art Festival of Bratislava.

If there is anything typical of me,
it is that I never do nothing.


I think I must be a very lucky person
as I work in something I love

Work Experience

From March 2013 Graphic Designer and Photographer Freelance (Bratislava)

  • Corporate Identity
  • Graphic Materials: posters, flyers, magazines, advertisements and banners
  • Corporate Photography of Events and Products

  • From September 2012 Community Manager and Project Coordinator ESEBE Software (Bratislava)

  • Coordination of international projects
  • Definition of Social Media Strategy for a new e-learning project
  • Creation and management of Social Network profiles
  • Preparation of presentations for customers, conferences and administration
  • Composition and adaptation of content to SEO standards
  • Update website content via extranets and Wordpress CMS
  • Analysis and review of websites for launch. Performing user tests
  • Market research
  • Marketing strategies

  • September - December 2010 Internship at the Press Office Government Office in Burgos

  • Analysis of Daily Newspapers
  • Composition of press releases
  • Event photography
  • Preparation of press conferences, quality protocols and official visits

  • June 2004 - August 2008 Administrative At4.Net (Palma de Mallorca)

    In addition to the administrative tasks, I was in charge of the following:

  • Coordination of information on major projects
  • Customers support on extranets and creation of user manuals
  • Data operation on websites

  • Education

    2008-2012 Mass Media Degree University of Burgos

  • Specialized in Design and Production of New Technologies, and in Communication and Advertisement
  • Scholarship at the University of Santiago de Compostela
  • Calification: 8,7 (out of 10)

  • Courses
  • September 2013 How to be more Creative National Autonomous University of Mexico
  • May 2012 Portrait Photography University of Santiago de Compostela
  • March 2012 Black and White Photography University of Santiago de Compostela
  • February 2012 1st Congress Illustrating Diversity University of Santiago de Compostela
  • Other Experiences
  • Creation of the logotype UBU Abierta, in collaboration with the University of Burgos.
  • Production of the documentary film Sombras, winner of the Audience Award and Best Documentary in Olloboi 2012.
  • Production of the musical film Guateque Sangriento.
  • Modelling 3D medieval wall and three buildings with Sketchup, for the 3dBurgos project.
  • Press support at 1st Congress of Social Networks iRedes (Burgos) in 2011.
  • Assistant director for Qwerty (sitcom's pilot episode).
  • Full page report for the supplement COMA of Diario de Burgos.
  • Computer Skills



    Driving license

    Driving license

    Methodical and organized

    Methodical and organized



    Capacity of teamwork

    Capacity of teamwork

    Coordination and organization

    Coordination and organization

    Analytical skills

    Analytical skills

    Communication skills and client oriented

    Communication skills and client oriented

    Design is lipstick for your brand.
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